Jane – The Dykeenies

6 Feb

I write today’s post with a touch of sadness. Actually more than a touch. I’m pretty gutted to be honest. Writing this post feels like saying my final words to a friend getting on a plane for good.

The Dykeenies have split. Probably one of the biggest losses in modern music. With an amazing sound, there are few who I could feel deserved mainstream success more and even fewer who didn’t get it. The outpouring of emotion and feeling towards the band over the last few days is pretty amazing and as I write this, I sincerely hope that it won’t be the last post concerning these boys.

All of their music has been amazing. Or so I thought but it turns out that I’d only heard their released music. But as a final thank you to the fans, the band uploaded the unreleased demo, Jane. I thought, since they didn’t put it out, it has to have been sub standard. Oh how I was wrong. Exceptional is the word. A wonderful listen, easy on the ear and a perfect swansong, this should help ease the pain the thousands of us are feeling at the moment!

2 Responses to “Jane – The Dykeenies”

  1. Thedykeeniesfan February 8, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    This is the worst news i have heard all day! I love these guys 😥


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    […] some Scottish accompanying guitars? That’s right, no one. Anyway, Waiting on Jack, with the Dykeenies gone, are now comfortably my number one group from North of the border. With some strong releases […]

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