No Way Back – oOoOO (ft. Butterclock)

3 Feb

Chillwave and a suitably obscure artist name? Why, you may think to yourself, Bal certainly is providing a delicious counterpoint against those mainstream moguls, Henry and Jonah (I have yet to decide whether I am ‘cool’ enough to warrant a self-referential third-person). Meanwhile, you also notice (astute reader as you are), this suitably minimalist image. Two hands? The same person? LAMPSHADE?! Rest assured, I will answer these pressing worries:

Notice how the fingers do not touch, ah they are oh so undeniably close to pressing together in a unifying force, but still remain worlds apart. And so, the hands, probably of the same person, show how there is, indeed No Way Back, as the person can’t be who they were before. Oh, and the lampshade? For kicks.

Alas, to the matter at hand (har-har). oOoOO, aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, is a project of the more conventionally named Dexter Greenspan, and is actually pronounced as ‘oh’. Listen to this track and become as chilled out as you dreamed of, as the hazy beats and vocals whisk you off into a ghostly universe:

If you had as much fun listening to this track as I did writing this review, be sure to look at his second EP Our Love Is Killing US, which is released on 10th April through Tri Agle.


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