Carmen – Lana Del Rey

3 Feb

Ho, ho, ho! Welcome to my third and final installment in Lana Del Rey: Backlash The Third! Here’s my review of Summertime Sadness and Dark Paradise. It’s worth noting that if these reviews have convinced you to buy the album (and apparently, many of you have in the U.K) that the Deluxe Edition is a neat extra. Included are Lolita, Without You and Lucky Ones; all pleasant extras. After the jump, there’s a review of Carmen and the track itself. If that’s not a great enough incentive, well, it’s Friday. What else do you have to do?

There are often bizarro cadences in LDR’s songs but Carmen is more restrained than most. The lines tick over with surprisingly regularity for Born To Die. This, and the frequent allusions to red lipstick and liquor, make Carmen seem a likely candidate for single material. One thing, though. Like her target audience, LDR seems a bunch of contradictions on this album. This is by no means a criticism, it’s incredibly reassuring and life-like. It’s great that singers are shouting at us to feel good about ourselves, but vulnerability is a completely acceptable emotion too. Carmen is outstanding as it’s not explicitly about LDR herself or her relationship, it’s about Carmen. Whether this is a better indicator of LDR’s own insecurities or just a moment when she thought, ‘You know that Carmen? She deserves a song.’ is up to you:

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