Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

31 Jan
Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

Surprisingly chipper for this particular post.

I start off this week, as ever in my life, with an apology. Sorry for the lack of 10 Things I Love About Pop on Saturday. I went out on Friday night and well, that’s enough of an explanation. I did, however meet some awesome people so all’s not lost? Worst apology ever. After a productive team meeting, we’re now established a rota to which I’ll be sticking ruthlessly. For two weeks. Anyway, this week I thought I’d be nice and methodical (because, sometimes I have to be) and blog a few tracks of Lana Del Rey’s debut album. We’re on the backlash to the backlash of her original backlash, which a ride that would give anyone whiplash. And look, I was pretty disappointed after reading Stereogum’s review but the good news is that I bear no such feelings shared by that author. The Times called it a tour de force which, albeit hyperbolic, is closer to how I actually feel. Actual review and no tangential information after the jump:

Okay, a little meandering. It’s hard to describe Lana Del Rey without resorting to her self-description which has accrued general embarrassment by now. I’m going to go with this: A mix of The National with MTV Unplugged Katy Perry, triple shots of Fiona Apple and Lady Gaga meets YouTube glitz. I know, I know. I’m utterly clear in my writing. But elements of all these artists crop up (and at times, with regularity)  throughout Born To Die. First up: Summertime Sadness, which presents itself as an anti-Teenage Dream. I’m a sucker for romance: one touch and I’m probably all yours. Thus I collapse as soon as LDR utters the opening lines of ‘Kiss me hard before you go.’ Someone clearly broke her heart, but she has mine completely. More track reviews as the week (and all-powerful rota) continues:


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