Never Leave – Zulu Winter

25 Jan

This is my third and final treat for you this week and to be perfectly honest I think that I’ve saved the best for last. Be optimistic about 2012 after the jump!

As this classic journey of new music comes to a dramatic conclusion today, I’m sure that many of you are wondering why? Why now Michael would you choose to treat us so. Well the answer is that I ran out of music. I had literally over-hear every song on my iPod so I needed more quick sticks! So I got some more.

Research (going on NME – I’m a sellout, move on) was long but rewarding. And when I finally finished with Zulu Winter I knew that my work was done. Once you get past the deeply irritating (yet somewhat paradoxical) name and Zulu Winter are essentially everything that I want from indietronica. Think Friendly Fires but more radio-friendly. Never Leave is a genuinely awesome song to get you through your midweek low.


One Response to “Never Leave – Zulu Winter”


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    […] Winter are very new (Not that new – Michael blogged them months ago). They are a five piece indie rock band that formed in London in 2011, making them kids in the […]

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