Bullingdon Club – Lux Lisbon

24 Jan

It’s the time for my second treat for you this week and the second band who have a mighty good shout at doing something magical this year.

This post changed just a few hours before I published it. I was going to write about Lux Lisbon, regardless. But I was actually going to write about my favourite song off their album, Animals. That’s changed now.

I’m often hailed as the extreme left one amongst my friends when we get into politics. I call it just caring about people enough to think that they all warrant a chance to succeed. Today it’s a song in keeping with my social persuasion. Written within days of the London riots, it’s a good hearty criticism (you would not believe how careful I am being with the words I employ here…) of our ‘highly privileged’ current leaders.

I reckon that you will find it fairly easy to pick up on the message though, even if it is hidden by a cracking pop/rock song with Brandon Flowers-esque vocals. The video should help those of you who don’t to hammer home the message. I am going to force my friends to watch this – hopefully the awesome sound can get subliminal messages through to them. You’re also a silly sausage if you don’t grab the free downlaod below

P.S. Love the small TV screen and the projections and you can’t not enjoy watching David and Boris rock out.
Fuck the Bullingdon Club!


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