Mrs Winchester – Dog Ears

16 Jan

Don’t we love songs with stories? They always add to the song’s overall narrative and add an extra edge. Today is such a day when you find another one of those songs after the jump.

Dog Ears is the solo project of Mat Baynton. That name probably means nothing to you. It won’t if you’re not from the UK. However Mat Baynton is actually quite a famous comedian actor. Having recently appeared in Spy, he made his name in Gavin and Stacy and as part of the Horrible Histories team. He is very funny. Ahead of the sad song, here is some classic HH entertainment staring Mat.

But he is also a very talented musician after hearing Mrs Winchester. It’s from his first EP, So it Goes and is written about, surprise surprise, Mrs Winchester. She was a lady that basically oversaw construction on her house for 38 years, 24/7, after she thought that it was haunted. A tragic story of a life lost through obsession and the song is suitably beautiful to honour it.


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