Sooner Or Later – Mat Kearney

12 Jan

Here’s another gem that I was turned onto while I spent time in the US of A. In a vocal sense, Mat Kearney is Chris Martin. No really. When this first came on the radio, I thought it was a Coldplay song. It’s not. It’s a Mat Kearney song.

This song is very catchy. It comes from Chris Martin- I mean Mat Kearney’s latest album, Young Love. It’s very… hopeful. Mat Kearney has a strong falsetto which he doesn’t hesitate to use in this number, and it makes for a profound yet relaxing chorus that has been bouncing around my head as I work. Take a listen:

You should also check out the way that his song is used in this Google video. Then you’ll know what I mean by “hopeful.” Or just watch the video. Because it’s awesome.

One Response to “Sooner Or Later – Mat Kearney”

  1. Izel February 5, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    Dude! your the place I go for music for now on. It’s been settled.

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