Stay Gold (AraabMuzik, Danny Brown remix) – The Big Pink

8 Jan

Previously I had commented that Big Pink’s Stay Gold  had something obviously missing and positively rejoiced when I heard Hit The Ground. Well, fear no more, for this remix by AraabMuzik and Danny Brown (A remix within a remix? Remixception? You bet) fills what was once an empty track, peppering in catchy, Gambino-esque rap lyrics:

By now, you should be familiar with Detroit rapper Brown, as his 2011 mixtape XXX provided a fresh-take on usual rap content and exposed himself as an off-the-wall mix of part-nerd, part-rapper, as evinced by his (pictured) hair. What sets him apart from similar rappers is the analysis that he brings to the rap genre, which can be found in an revealing interview on CB here but is also present in self-examining lyrics such as Mommy gave me food stamps told me buy wonder bread (Fields, XXX).

So Brown provided the remix vocals, but who gave us the beats? AraabMuzik (Abraham Orellana), known for his wizardly use of the MPC drum machine, which can definitely be heard in the remix through the looping snare roll patterns. Don’t just want to take my word for it? Here is some proof of his finger skills that would most likely make him a champion on Tap Tap Revenge:

Listen and download XXX here and see Jonah’s previous post about Araab here

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