10 Things I Love About Pop

7 Jan
KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it's like we never left 'ye.

KP, LMFAO and RiRi: 2011, it’s like we never left ‘ye.

Welcome to 10 Things I Love About Pop: 2012! Or, 10 Things I Loved About Pop In The Year The World Was Supposed To End. Whatever works for you. Let’s have some good news anyway, shall we? Michael and Jonah have both returned to the blog: Good for fans of Drake and indie bands respectively (more news from them later) and great news for Henry’s energy levels. There’s only so many unreleased Katy Perry demos one can write about. So let’s head into another year of pop music, head’s high and smiling. It’s as glossy and slightly disconcerting as ever and we’re going to have a lot of fun analyzing it. Enjoy:

1. Michael is back from SA and already hitting us up with some fresh folk music for the new year. I’m a big fan of Worship’s House of Glass which is both cute and perfect for a Saturday morning. Here’s his post, and take a listen while you peruse the column:

2. Jonah is also back and blogging. He brought home a slice of American pie with Daughtry (pronounced daw-tree according to Wikipedia) with Crawling Back To You. It kicks in rather too quickly for my liking but it’s catchy and undoubtedly just works. Here’s the post.

3. When two big characters break up, there’s always carnage. It’s just not always on such a huge scale as Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce. Most of the details are fairly sad; Russell’s alleged outrageous sex apetite and Katy’s reported constant partying (surely these things are compatible!) But none’s more sad than Katy’s super-religious parents who have apparently claimed their daughter’s divorce was a ‘gift from God.’ Eyuck! I forgot od was a friendly divorve lawyer in the sky. Soothe your woes with this unreleased demo, I wrote about earlier:

4. Talk That Talk – Rihanna ft. Jay-Z (and potentially Kanye!)

According to some internet rumours, Kanye could be dropping a line or two on Rihanna’s next single, Talk That Talk. Cool. A reunion of Run This Town? Cooler. Here’s the original version:

5. Adele might have a new boyfriend! Collective heart melt.

6. We Are Young – fun. ft. Janelle Monae

Do you remember these guys off of the penultimate episode of Glee’s first half of season three? (Gleecap here!) They’re awesome and so is their new video featuring the beautiful (in voice as in everything else) Janelle Monae:

7. Of all the differences between the U.S and U.K in terms of pop music is the place of religion. It’s pretty rare for a british artist to shout about their religion but they’re all over the place in America (KP, JB, DL, LG, LOL- pretty much any abbreviation.) From Demi Lovato teenagery twitter rant about god (with whom she is on ‘dude’ terms, and while we’re on that: Doesn’t one pray, or does he now accept all social media? His gmail is going to be crammed.) to Justin Bieber getting a tattoo of Jesus on his calf. Yup, that’s right. Justin Bieber has a tattoo of Jesus’s face on his calf. Because nothing says ‘eternal devotion,’ like an artist’s impression of the son of god’s face on a part of your body that you never actually see.

8. After catching up with Michael the other day, we had a mutual apprecaition of LMFAO. I’m shocked (well, not that shocked) that I’m so down with a band named after an internet acronym because really, isn’t  BRB funnier? But there you are. I’m down for party-rocking, shots and being sexy. Anyway, Popdust analysed Sexy And I Know It for your pleasure. Your sexy, sexy pleasure. Jeez, this column is practically NSFW. THAT. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GOOD NAME FOR A BAND. 

9. Hey! It’s time for that part of the column where I need filler (2012, going to be an organised year). Did you guys check out our end-of-year lists? Here are our:

10. And here are our the-year-in lists:

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