The Year In: Chart Toppers

30 Dec

Topping the charts, winning our hearts: Nicki, Adam, Adele and Cee Lo.

Ah, pop music. I hope 2011 was as good for you as it was for me. We’ve had hits from Rihanna (somehow managing to string singles from Loud while releasing new material from Talk That Talk), a few hits from KP and one massive Party Rock Anthem from LMFAO. As per, DJ Earworm has releaseed his end-of-year remix, featuring some of the year’s 25 biggest tracks. It may be a fairly cheap way to garner attention by joyriding on others’ commercial success but it’s a helpful way to view the year that was. We’ve decided to highlight some of our favourites from the remix:

First things first, the remix:

It’s pretty solid, if a little overwrought on the ‘boom boom boom’s. The beginning’s probably the best part, I can’t get over the ‘T-take it all, take our credit cards,’; that’s pretty inspired. It’s also a prescient representative of 2011; there’s a little nu-wave GaGa, some soul-singing from Bruno Mars and a lot of Katy Perry. No complaints from me but let’s check out some of the parts in closer detail.

Rolling In The Deep – Adele

‘The scars of our love,’ would immediately answerable to most people with ears this year with ‘remind me of uuuuus.’ Such was the ubiquity of Adele and her chart-topping tunes. Sure, Someone Like You may have made more of a splash on her home turf, but this was the tune that set the whole world’s heartbeat pulsing. Listen again because it’s the least produced, but one of the most intricate tunes that hit our charts this year.

F*** You – Cee Lo Green

Has there ever been such an audaciously explicit pop song? Probably, but not in 2011. Cee Lo’s tune lodged itself in your ear and whispered sweet profanities for months. Go ahead, tell that special someone in your life, fuck you.’ They’ll know you mean it. Thanks, Cee Lo for giving voice to thousands of pissed off teenagers. I completely understand that this had to be censored to ‘Forget’ You for radio but it just made the song so much less cool. It’s a shame what an extra syllable can to a song.

Super Bass – Nicki Minaj

This is one of the most prominent songs in the Earworm Mash-Up and deservedly so. It’s an awesome single from Minaj who didn’t find quite the same level as success on the album front. Although, does any popstar these days (without cheap Amazon rates)? It’s the most satisfying song on here, the most recognisable and shame on you if you can’t rap along. Make like a Taylor and swiftly learn it. (I’m so, so sorry for that.)

Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5

Regardless of my thoughts towards this tune in and of itself, I’m mondo excited that Maroon 5 found success again this year. I’ve been a fan of the guys’ work for years as they consistently created music that was undeniably Maroon 5. Having listened to Hands All Over pretty much the whole summer (they are big fans of M5 over in Asia), I was slightly surprised to return home to everyone listening to a M5 song. I bought the freakin’ special edition, where was the hit song? And thus, Moves Like Jagger whistled its way into my life more smoothly than the lead singer’s chest (I don’t quite know how rock and roll shaving your chest is.) It’s completely lovable and has an adequate extra verse from fellow The Voice judge, Xtina. And the more whistling in songs, the better. Here’s hoping for a moderately prosperous future from Levine and the gang:

The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco

Oh hi, Lupe! Mr Fiasco may be one of the coolest guys in pop music. Everyone remembers Superstar but The Show Goes On is one hell of a sophisticated step in the right direction. It samples (not steals, YouTube commenters. Actually while we’re on this, precisely how idiotic is it when people claim that artists have ‘stolen’ music? A quick Wikipedia check shows you that Drake didn’t steal Scott-Heron’s track or that Lupe ravaged Modest Mouse’s tracks. If you steal something, why would you so boastfully show it off in a freakin’ hot 100 single. LEARN TO USE GOOGLE.) Modest Mouse’s Float On, which is completely fine by me any day of the week.

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