10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 11

17 Dec

It’s been a lovely week in popular music. We’ve been surrounded by lists of lists of the best lists of 2011 which is always a pleasure. When Christmas comes round, all the best things collide at once: Lists and tinsel. On another note, this will be our last TILAP column of the year as  there will be some special one-offs over the break and I need some valuable hibernation time. But we’re going out with a firework, the cherry on top of a truly magnificent year for pop music. Enjoy, my lovelies, enjoy:

1. Rihanna has now matched her previous record of seven weeks at number 1 with ‘We Found Love.’ While the single’s not exactly the blazing glory of ‘Umbrella,’ and I would have preferred if it had been seven weeks of RiRi being the only girl in the world (I swear I just typed that out to the rhythm of the chorus,) I’m happy for Rihanna. Not least because she’s in damn good company up there…

2. Because her BFF has just scored her sixth top 5 single from Teenage Dream. Bravo, KP, Bravo. I’m excited for KP and I want her to make chart history but after this, I really think we should give Teenage Dream a rest. It’s been a glorious run but I want new material! Glossy, glossy material. Thanks.

3. Speaking of KP, let’s talk about what a great week she’s had. Firstly, MTV named her their first artist of the year. The network’s chief said that, ‘you just really felt her presence in pop culture throughout the year.’ Truer words were never spoken.

4. Next up, and more significantly for me because this website is practically my bible, Popdust named her their artist of the year. You can run down everyone else on that list here and check out KP’s slideshow, too. The kind and brilliant folks over there have also compiled a KP in Numbers article. Because things don’t count unless they have statistics.

5. In other Katy Perry news (she’s been busy this week), she was elected as one of 2011’s most fascinating people by Barbara Walters. Which, you know is true and we got a nice interview from it. It won’t tell you anything new if you’re a true KatyCat but then again, YouTube interviews are also your life support when you’re a true fan (I’m talking from experience. Many dark, dark hours or HTML experience.)

P.S KP’s childhood sounded like absolute Hell. Or Heaven. I don’t know what her parents would want me to call it.

6. KP was also on SNL this week and it was pretty damn funny. Here was her opening monologue with the ludicrously delightful Kristen Wiig:

7. Another Katy Perry tidbit: TOTGA has been given a leg-up from rapper, B.O.B. What a guy, eh? Out of the goodness of his heart (Capitol’s waller), has added a verse to the beginning of her latest single. We’ll keep you in the know as to whether she makes it to the topspot but let’s all hope! Here’s a preview.

8. And final, final bit of KP news here. Resident man of awesome Harry Potter parodies wrotes a piece on Katy Perry for Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year. It may just be Christmas getting to me but this seriously warmed my heart. What he said about singer-songwriters is so true, you guys. This little article was the equivalent of my stars aligning giving me five minutes of unadulterated joy until I realised I shall never meet either of them. I shall make do with aforementioned YouTube videos. In other Glee-related news, fun.’s We Are Young stormed up the charts which should reassure RIB about Glee’s popularity. It should also encourage them to cover some other left-field songs rather than turning to the Hot 100 for every new Blaine number.

9. Robyn was also on SNL with KP and was her awesome, awesome self. Here’s a video:

10. Willa Paskin, an amazing writer over at New York Magazine (I realise I talk like the internet is a geographical location but it’s the only way I can make sense of it- it’s like a computer. In the sky) wrote a neat piece of Taylor Swift’s precociousness problem. I don’t know if I agree with everything in the article (I don’t know Swift or her music enough to judge) but it takes guts to go up against someone quite so popular. It’s a mature, incisive and justifed piece of writing and a great example of people taking pop seriously. Because it really does need to be. Slightly bizarre: This was written on Swift’s birthday. Because nothings says ‘Happy Birthday!,’ like two pages of criticism.

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