It’s Personal – The Radio Debt

13 Dec

As winter rattles on I’m sure many of you are counting down the days to the highlight of every year (I think what I’m referring to is self-explanatory) moods are still somewhat mellow.

But that’s fine! If we never felt bad, how would we know what it was like to feel good! The Radio Debt are a Swedish band unlike most. They’ve been around for well over a decade and like their countrymen, Shout Out Louds, they are totally awesome.

But in stark contrast, It’s Personal, features no singing. None. But it somehow manages to convey as much emotion as anything you will ever hear. I heard it at the end of Person Of Interest’s latest episode, Get Carter, but don’t let that influence you until you’ve heard the song. Properly powerful and properly perfect in these darkest of days in the top half of the world.


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