What We’re Listening To: Edition 9

9 Dec

Clockwise from Left to Right: Nero can get you pumped, The Jezabels’ summer looks to have ended, Fun. just look like fun and Gang Gang Dance are a colourful bunch

The ninth installment friends! I missed last week but in all fairness this was so low on my priorities compared to pretty much everything else. But now, I care more about this weekly treat than anything!

Michael: Endless Summer – The Jezabels

I’m sure that those of you who haven’t realised that we are based in London are in the minority. It’s shitty here. Terrible weather, lots of clothes and pale faces does not make for a happy Michael. However, Endless Summer has kept me going throughout. I know most of you will think a song like that is horribly ironic but the Jezabels are from Australia (where it is summer) and Haley Mary has a voice that can literally melt away any negative energy in an instant. So let that be your pick up for the weekend!

Henry: We Are Young – Fun.

I have no qualms about saying I found this from Glee because a) I’m not a self-righteous douchebag (all the time) and b) it is AMAZING. It’s recently shot up the iTunes chart and silenced voices claiming Glee is a pop-cultural ghost. What can we expect other than a Glee success story, though? It has some jazzy vocals from Janelle Monae which never go amiss. It’s also fairly anthemic, verging more towards P!nk than My Chemical Romance (it’s important to make these distinctions) and makes a nice break from all my Christmas music that’s currently on repeat. Enjoy!

Jonah: Reaching Out – Nero

I’ve recently had the need for two extremes in my life. Undisturbed peace and relaxation, and bursts of energy. This song has been satisfying the latter. When all the stress building up from work is getting to you, who says it isn’t healthy to release it all in a private drum and bass rave in your room!? Nero’s latest offering (though a tad repetitive) exhibits as much energy as a 10-year old boy on Red Bull! Time to put your dancing shoes on.

Bal: Glass Jar – Gang Gang Dance

11 minutes…usually associated with the length of phone calls or awkward domestic arguments, even pizza delivery services. Certainly not the length of the first track on a 2011 studio album, right?! Well, for Gang Gang Dance, the experimental NY band, music is about having ‘everything time’, and their track Glass Jar is my favourite paradox. The first 4 minutes are all about prolonging the sound, teasing you out with hints of cymbals, sprinklings of murmured voices and eclectic wave-synths, before you even being on the gradual ascent into vocals, weighing in just before the 7 minute mark. But, oh, what sweetly soaring vocals, how the wait has all been worth it, as you delve into the elevated bliss of Bougatsos’ indelible sounds. How I hate/love this song (delete as appropriate).

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