10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 8

3 Dec

Pink Ladies: GaGa, Nicki and KP.

Don’t hate me because this is a short post, let your eyes thank me for all the reading I saved them! Brevity is all:

1. Lady GaGa’s new video is out and I still haven’t quite digested it. I mean it’s fine when it actually gets started (which is about 6 minutes in) and I suppose I quite like some of the ideas? I’ll let you know in three years time when I’ve formed a definitive opinion:

2. The GRAMMY nominations were released this week, and unsurprisingly they divided opinion into typical style. That’s Kanye vs. everyone else, then.

3. And here’s a full list of nomination predictions. Make of them what you will. My money’s on a Taylor-Adele centric night.

4. Britney turned 30 yesterday so happy birthday, Brit. Rolling Stone wished her luck in a strangely muddled way in an article which concluded saying that Britney is the only person who has influenced music in the last decade and that she only had another decade left in her. Right. (Wrong.)

5. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have been plasticised! As in, they are now barbies; the peak in any popstar’s career.

6. Rebecca Ferguson‘s debut album is out, and after university interviews I look forward to sinking into it with a cup of tea. Because, sometimes (regularly) friends bail.

7. Nicki Minaj releases Roman in Moscow, now with 60% more Roman.

8. The Black Keys’ new album is almost with us and I am beyond excited. Brothers was one of the best albums of the last year and this looks set to improve upon it. Expect a full review later. Although, with my hit-rate, don’t expect too much.

9. Taylor Swift occasionally makes me feel uncomfortable with her views. This  latest quotation from Billboard magazine is no different: ‘For me, when Faith Hill performed on an awards show, everything mattered- everything she said, did, wore, I tried to copy it. That’s what little girls do, so there is a big responsibility and I take it very seriously.’ Yep, those little girls eh? No freewill.

10. Interesting. Very interesting.

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