Walk The River – Guillemots

28 Nov

Sometimes, even I your musical guru, run out of music. I listen so heavily to the new stuff on my iPod, it needs to be constantly updated. On Friday, I ran out of new things to update it with.

But did I give up? Did I surrender and give in to the new wave journalists? Did I just listen to my OLD music? No, no and no! I got onto iTunes and I searched (at this point I want some moving powerful music backing so click the song above). And after literally minutes of wading through Olly Murs and Flo Rida, I had the lightbulb moment.

The GUILLEMOTS. Wow, what a relief. The music is powerful, intelligent and quite a delight. I know they have been around for ages but this was a rediscovery of the highest quality. Their album, Walk The River, came out 8 months ago so this a little late but it’s tops. The single of the same name is just five minutes of ecstasy. I know it’s called Walk the River so this is an obvious and unambitious analogy but I do feel like I’m filming a documentary in a safari park when I listen to it. All I need now is David Attenborough to narrate over the song.


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