What We’re Listening To: Edition 7

25 Nov

Clockwise from Left to Right: Van Morrison looks (much) better then, The xx stand in red and Forward Russia definately didn't get the hang of punctuation

Oh thank goodness! I thought that this weekly feature was gone! It’s not guys, I just really couldn’t bear writing last week, I didn’t want you to know that I was listening to my boy band playlist. Oh and Jonah misses the deadline…

Michael: Breaking Standing – ¡Forward, Russia!

This is a relative blast from the past. By that I mean it’s three years old. What? When was that? Gordon Brown was in power? I know guys, truly crazy times. Anyway, 2008 was a real golden age of British alternative and Forward Russia were just one example. Unique in not just their exclamation marks, but their genre fusion and Tom Woodhead’s strangely haunting vocals, it’s a genuine shame that we only got to hear two albums out of them. Breaking Standing comes from the second LP, Life Processes, and it really rocks.

Henry: Intro – The xx

Let’s rewind to 2010 (a long time for popular music) and remind ourselves of one of the stand-out tracks from The xx’s debut album. This song’s beautifully created with a crescendo that continually gives and takes in a way that should want you to rip your hair out. Instead, it’s two minutes of calm. Okay, the real reason why this has been on repeat this week is because Rihanna sampled it in Drunk On Love from Talk That Talk. If you’ve a spare four hours, trawl through every comment on the YouTube video for intro and count how many times someone disses Rihanna or The xx. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Bal: Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison

After a stressful week, it’s always necessary to chill out with a melodic jam, and in this case it’s Van Morrison waxing lyrical about a sweet, sweet honey. The interesting back-story to this is that while on a flight back to the UK, as I was disembarking and walking up the aeroplane aisle, a strange light on the floor caught my eye. Flash! It was an iPod someone had left, and after unsuccessfully trying to track down its owner, I decided to keep it. Thanks ‘Allan’ for the rediscovering of the silky, smooth tones of the Northern Irish wonder-guy!

To reminisce check out the last edition and how crazy similar the pictures were!


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