Lullaby – Nickelback

24 Nov

If by any chance you stalk me, you might know that the first album I ever owned was by Nickelback. Over the years I’ve watched them rock less and less hard and slowly begin producing more of what I guess you could only call “mainstream rock.” Don’t get me wrong, I still love them. I still think Chad Kroeger’s voice is awesome, and I still think they are truly incredible songwriters. So when I first listened to their newest album, Here And Now, I was ready and raring to go.

Now, I loved Nickelback’s first album Silver Side Up. The Long Road also rocked, but to me, All the Right Reasons was where the band really showed that they were going in a different direction. This album was mega-popular. It sold more than 11 million copies worldwide. That’s a lot of copies. Dark Horse, their previous album, had its moments, but overall didn’t really do it for me. If I had to sum up Here And Now in one word, I would have to say that it is ‘good.’ I can’t seem to stop reminiscing about the days that Nickelback used to melt faces with their music, but otherwise, this is a solid album.

Lullaby is the song that stands out for me. Not too soft yet obviously sincere, this is the kind of sound that the fans have come to expect from Nickelback in recent times. I’ll give it to them- it is a great song. It feels very familiar and is extremely easy to warm to. Have a listen and see what you make of it:


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