Breakneck Speed – Tokyo Police Club

20 Nov

As when I see a rusty swing sitting in the corner of some far-fetched playground, I always get a rush of nostalgia when I listen to Champ, the second album from Canadian band Tokyo Police Club. Drifting through the songs, Breakneck Speed is the one that strikes a chord. Compared to their usual sound, this track is more drawn-out, with the lingering vocals and guitar chords combining into a wistful reflection of youth:

Having just turned 18 (along with Henry), I am seemingly intoxicated by Monks’ quavering fragility in lines such as I remember when our voices used to sound the same / Now we just translate. This fine line between the innocence of youth and the reality of adulthood is perfectly captured in the song, and makes me feel that the band have really explored the conflicting emotions arisen from welcoming their early 20s. At the same time, the track (and album) also shows a fondness for the future, as if to suggest that you (just like the advice you gave to your dog) could be a champ someday.


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