10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 6

19 Nov

Talking That Talk (in black and white): It’s been a moody time in pop. Not really, but I couldn’t find colour photos.

Last week was pretty dramatic for me, and pop music. And the WORLD.  So let’s take a more peaceful gander through the world of pop music this week. No apocalyptic visions, just ear-friendly beats. It was a Rihanna-centric week which is good news for anyone who’s a fan of the Good Girl Gone Debauched, bad for anyone who still has Umber-ella-ella-ella ringing through their brain. This is also a video-heavy post, because a) there seemed to be rather a lot this week and b) I’m tired. Let’s pop!

1. Let’s not put off the inevitable. Here’s a track by track review of Rihanna’s Talk That Talk. Popdust pull off another insightful and ludicrously comprehensive review. Highlights? Where Have You Been (question mark?) and You Da One.

2. Hey Henry, how’s that Katy Perry song doing that you told us about last week? Pretty damn well, thanks. Here’s Rolling Stone’s report: On the Charts: Katy Perry Scores Again. 

3. There are some things I haven’t quite got in pop recently. 1) Jessie J. 2) Ed Sheeran. I’m not completely bothered by the former, though she seems nice enough. The latter is a red-headed hybrid who raps, sings and writes his own music. Sounds like a recipe for success. Well, the Sheeran souffle hasn’t quite risen for me so much of the news about him has completely passed me by. Partly because he raps lines like ‘Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me.’  You can imagine my surprise, then when I was flicking through music channels and thought that Rupert Grint had released his debut single. For all I knew, it could be his seventh album and I had just never never realised (it is this state of ignorance in which I live most of my life.) Here’s the video. It’s by Ed Sheeran by the way, and no I’m still not going to buy his album. Ed’s that is. Rupert’s, I probably would.

4. In other video news, Lady GaGa’s released a preview for her latest single, Marry The Night. None of Born This Way’s singles seem to have exploded like Poker Face (except the eponymous track) and I doubt Marry The Night has more of a chance than The Edge of Glory or You and I. Here’s the video:

5. Bruno Mars’s addition to Twilight: Can We Go Home Yet? has been released in video form. It’s called It Will Rain and isn’t Bruno Mars’s most sophisticated track but it’s completely fine and I’m sure it’ll be great in context. There are some obligatory Edward and Bella shots in there. Because, you know. Of course. Check it out:

6. Selena Gomez has also released Hit The Lights to the YouTube-ing public. And you know what? It’s actually quite good. The song has a nice pumping chorus, and Gomez has a really expressive voice. The video however is really something. It start all Teenage Dream and ends all Adidas house party. A pretty good mix:

7. Well it’s not Chillin’, but here’s Wale’s latest single, Ambitious Girl. The album, Ambition is out now and has made its way into my Amazon basket. It’s a happy place, as Hall & Oates’ Greatest Hits has also made a one-way ticket to basketville. Here’s the video, which feels very Kanye in its style. Only much less in-your-face:

8. This isn’t an actual video but it takes YouTube form. Drake and Rihanna’s latest colloboration, Take Care is on YouTube in some sort of legal form. I really, really like it. Drake’s been criticised pretty much everywhere in internetland for being self-indulgent and whiny. I won’t comment on my feelings but I do like this.

9. Need to waste some time? You could do far worse than watching all of Taylor Swift’s cover songs on her tour. She had some amazing guest stars and the lady herself is ridiculously talented. Rolling Stone has you covered.

10. Oh, interesting! Billboard has changed its rules regarding album sales. Lady GaGa’s Born This Way shot up the charts, scoring the highest opening week sales earlier this year. Impressive. But less so when you consider that Amazon was selling the album was 99 cents. Which is truly ridiculous and makes me angry when you consider that that accounted for 400,000 copies. Anyway, Billboard have decided that this shall be tolerated no more! Read up. It will do you good.

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