Hit The Ground (Superman) – The Big Pink

17 Nov

Today is a momentous day. We have expanded our writing staff and so welcome Bal onto the blog. Look forward to his fresh take on all things indie for the foreseeable future! This post is a debut and a preview of what he has to offer!

Let’s be honest, the first offering from The Big Pink’s second LP, Future This, was a disappointment. To me, Stay Gold had something obviously missing, the something that takes a song beyond the mediocre. Aside from the usual uplifting chorus (Olympics material anyone?) and ropey lyrics (Up and up, and so is down) had made me certain that all of Future This was going to be another mindless foray into empty pop.

Hit The Ground (Superman) has changed all that. Like the fresh winter wind starting to knock about, their latest track has left me reeling. Robbie and Milo have filled the void from the wrestling verses of Stay Gold with a freer, more expansive sound. With the Laurie Anderson sample used only as backing, the song is stamped with effusive, immediate vocals that create exhilaration. Pure unbridled exhilaration… It‘s this feeling that makes me guess the dynamic duo won’t be hitting the ground anytime soon then.


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