Ten Things I Love About Pop: Week 5

12 Nov

Pop Pantheism: The chart-toppers getting through the week, this week.

The thing about being obsessed with something more than the average observer, pop music being as good an example as any, is that when something major happens, you have fewer people to talk about with. If I had wanted to talk about Italian politics or American presidential debates this week, I would have been fine. But I didn’t. I wanted to talk about seismic shifts within the pop music industry. It just seems that that’s not something anyone around me wants to take seriously yet. And so 10 Things I Love About Pop could probably have been renamed 10 Things I Wanted To Discuss All Week And Will Rant To You About. Don’t you feel like the luckiest people in the world?

1. So the news dominating my thoughts this week was the exclusive signing of Dr Luke to Sony. But why would you care about the movement of a medical practitioner to one of the big four, I hear you ask. Well firstly because doctors are invaluable. Secondly Dr Luke is no doctor! Unless you count his healing of my heart through his wondrous powers of producing flawless pop music. The man who co-wrote I Kissed A Girl, E.T, Firework, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) and helped Katy create one of our favourite tracks of the year decade, Teenage Dream, has been moved to Sony records. It’s sad because Katy and Dr Luke always seemed to have a amiable relationship, one that produces some killer pop tunes. He’ll always be a hero of mine but this is a sad day for pop music. It’d be like if Sony decided they just wanted one Mario brother. Luigi can’t take on Bowser alone! Let’s not panic just yet (we will in the next point) and bask in some of Dr Luke and KP’s finest creations:

2. Okay, now we panic. In the first of our two KP posts, let’s consider what this means for her music. Some called Teenage Dream a sophisticated shift, but others love Katy’s second studio album (first under the name of Katy Perry), One Of The Boys. I’m (extremely) partial to both, and am excited (if a little nervous) about what the future holds. Essentially, we should remember a few things. Firstly, Brand Katy Perry is a juggernaut and not a stupid one. She’s one of the hottest things in pop at the moment and Capitol aren’t going to let that firework burn out (there’s already been one attempt to reshuffle things). Secondly, there are other song-writer and producers out there. Bonnie Mckie, another writer for Teenage Dream, is hugely talented. This could prove to be one of the most exciting, or disastrous times for Katy. In the least patronising way possible, she’s a determined one is Perry. She has one of the most expressive voices on the charts and can pen witty, mercurial lyrics.

3. And in happier Katy Perry news: Her new video is out. Who knows if The One That Got Away will be the final ever Perry-Dr Luke single? Either way, it’s pretty cool that KP released the video on 11/11/11. For those keeping track, she has had 5 number 1s from Teenage Dream. ‘The One’ would make her sixth, completing that prophetic date of release. How long until Blaine covers this on Glee when he breaks up with Kurt? (Damn you, Sebastion). Actually, scratch that. You still owe me a Maroon 5 cover, Darren Criss. The video is directed by Flora Sigismondi (the same Flora Sigismondi of E.T fame) and is quite beautiful. In particular, the ending is rather moving stuff:

4. And in Dr Luke-related news, Rihanna’s latest single has been released. Rihanna’s latest album, Talk That Talk is apparently a debauched work of dirty talk and sex. You Da One has its moments but in my current state, just reminds me that this will be missing from KP’s next album.

5. And in other Rihanna Takes Over The World news, here’s her collaboration on Drake’s new album. Favourite line? ‘It’s my birthday, I’ll get high if I want to.’ Although I really don’t condone the use of drugs, I’ll take a Lesley Gore reference any day of the week. Except Thursdays. You may not cry on Thursdays. I have never had a maths lesson on a Thursday and thus we must respect it beyond all other days ending in ‘y’. Jonah, who is infinitely more qualified on the topic than me, reviewed his favourite tracks from the album. Check it out, he’s a wise one.

6. So, that kid with the hair has been booted of X Factor. Regardless of his behaviour, which I’m sure was adequately shocking, I wish him the very best of luck in the future. In finding a bottle of shampoo.

7. Glee’s First Time premiered this week (Gleecap here) and it was a pretty special, soppy affair. I giggled the entire way through, and continued to giggle when I explained the episode to a friend the next day. Giggled and cried. Nothing says teenage applying for university like a bout of bi-polar! Here’s to more adorable plot lines, Glee.

8. Speaking of adorable, the two British girls who completely rocked out Super Bass returned to Ellen for another shot at the viral video canon. They covered Rolling In The Deep because a reworked toddler version probably is the only version we haven’t actually heard. Check them out, they are ludicrously charming.

9. And speaking of Adele, let’s round this discussion back to Glee. In their traditional mash-up episode, they’re doing Someone Like You and Rumour Has It. I don’t know if it fully works but I’ll take a Santana and Mercedes duet any day of the week. Especially Thursdays.

10. Bonus round: here’s a remixed version of We Found Love. You’ve heard that one, right? It’s the song where RiRi finds love. 16 times. In a hopeless place. That Rihanna, such a Hufflepuff

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