Don’t Want This To End – Jarrod Gorbel

9 Nov

I’m outrageously tired at the moment as illness prevents me going outside. But don’t worry because I can make it to my computer to put up a post today! And it’s a good one too!

Following my post on Monday, I decided to search and find out what had happened to The Honorary Title. Turns out that it’s not all doom and gloom. Jarrod Gorbel went solo and to great effect. Friendlier and easier to approach, it’s a welcome development.

He released his first solo LP in 2010, Devil’s Made A New Friend, and as gloomy as that album title is, it’s a lovely listen. Don’t Want This To End is my favourite for today. Mainly because of the ironic video where he’s the devil’s new friend, but playing in a church… Regardless it’s very catchy and as always with this type of music, certain to relate to one of you going through something.

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