Underground Kings – Drake

8 Nov

Another album for which there has been an absolutely massive amount of anticipation. Drake’s Take Care is his second full album, and after early releases of Marvin’s Room, Headlines, and Trust Issues, everybody who loves Drake could not be more excited. The official release is set for November 15th, but over here, we got lucky and I managed to get my hands on an early copy.

Let me say straight away, I am not an incredibly big Drake fan. I thought Thank Me Later was good, but I have really enjoyed his more recent releases that have a more chilled out and downbeat feel. Tracks like Marvin’s Room and Trust Issues. For that reason, I was excited for this album because I thought it would contain more tracks like this. To put it bluntly, Drake really delivered. I love this album. It features a catalog of big names, including Rick Ross, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Stevie Wonder, but it’s at its best when Drake is on the mic.

Shot For Me is an awesome song on the album that is chilled out, and embodies exactly what I really liked about the two other tracks I mentioned. But this time it adds a more lively beat. The lyrics feel honest, and like Drake is really venting and saying what’s on his mind. A really nice hook beautifully sums up a song that seems to accent Drake’s tone of voice. A real work of art if you ask me.

The Weeknd, Drake’s pal from Toronto (and much more importantly, one of my favourite artists at the moment) also features on this album. He brings his dreamy voice along to Crew Love, a song that highlights his soaring vocals. The pair also got together on The Weeknd’s second album, and I have to say, I love the two together because I really think they suit each other. Again, the tone is downbeat and relaxed, and this makes for a really good and contemplative after-party track. Take a listen.

Nicki Minaj’s appearance on this album made me skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure whether or not her and Drake would work, and in fact, I’m still not sure. I hear her verse on Make Me Proud and I guess it kinda works… kinda? Whether it does or not, the part she plays is awesome, and Drake’s is equally great. In my opinion, this is a song where we see a lot of glimpses of the old Drake in terms of lyrics and delivery. A great tune. Check it.

Finally, my favourite track so far. Underground Kings is the song that I keep playing over and over again. I have that riff stuck in the back of my head, playing over and over. Seriously, turn this one up and let it play, because it gets you in the zone. This is quintessential Drake. His voice is perfect, as is the instrumental, and I just cannot get over the combination of the two. Lyrically, I find this song stunning, and I absolutely love the echoing vocal in the background. For me, this is the song that stands out, and lets me know that Drake has well and truly arrived.

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