Along The Way – The Honorary Title

7 Nov

If you remember Friday, I wrote about the musical gifts Greek gave me. Continuing with this theme, I’ve written about a song from the show.

Now don’t get all judgemental. You may be thinking that I don’t do any work and the only music I write about is the stuff I hear watching the telly. Well that’s not totally true. It is mostly, but not totally. I promise there will be new stuff soon when I’ve found the time to put up a live review.

And just because it’s not new doesn’t make it less awesome. The Honorary Title, tragically given the ’emo’ genre before I edited it, are not ’emo.’ If they were, I would not be writing about them. They’ve featured on One Tree Hill and other such teen dramas many times. With the pop/rock shine of the likes of Jimmy Eat World, their music is soundtrack gold.

You will have probably heard Stay Away (above) but I want to talk about Along The Way. They sadly split a few years ago but this is deliciously bouncy and upbeat and sure to put a smile on your face. Hopefully that will be enough to get you started in the right spirits for this week’s grind!

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