10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 4

5 Nov

GaGa, Klaine, Taylor, Zooey, Zooey Deschanel and a Bieber paternity case: All ingredients for a good week in pop.

As I was away last week, it was a pop-free week at Can You Hear This. Have no fear, we’re back up and running with some prime pop news for your weekend. I hope you’re ready for some heartbreak and Christmas music. And that’s just the first thing I love about pop this week. For the other nine, keep reading!

1. Listen up, guys. Hallowe’en is over. Get over those pumpkins and get ready for Christmas! Oxford Street has turned its lights on, so ready your ears for 2 months of Wham! while hunting down a present in Selfridges. I suggest you start here, with She & Him’s Christmas album. It’s wonderful. Not so wonderful is that Zooey broke up with her husband and Death Cab frontman, Ben Gibbard. New York Magazine wrote a piece about clues of heartbreak in their most recent albums. Mean, or inspired? Well, at least it draws more attention to She & Him.

2. I missed all of last week’s X Factor but Sophie Habibis was kicked off. Which is disappointing as her first week rendition of Teenage Dream was actually okay. And that Misha B was in the bottom two? All in all, a bad week for X Factor. I’ll be vicariously watching it this weekend through the Guardian recaps and relay my thoughts. Meanwhile, GaGa’s been confirmed for next Sunday’s show. Order your bathtubs now to save disappointment.

3. Glee may have been pretty boring this week (see Gleecap) but at least next week’s looks interesting. It’s called The First Time and you guys, I think they’re talking about sex. And we all remember last time when they tried to base an episode on sex. There was Gwyneth Paltrow and widespread criticism. Perhaps, not the weirdest combination (we remember Country Strong and we do not forgive). Joking aside, it’s going to be interesting to see how Glee deals with not only sex, but gay sex in a country like America. It’s a pretty exciting time for television, folks.

4. And in other Glee news! They’re releasing another Christmas album in two weeks time. I confess, I didn’t buy the previous Christmas album (sorry, Ryan Murphy) but this one sounds pretty promising. The aforementioned Blaine and Kurt sing Let It Snow, which is super endearing. Ch-check it out.

5. Justin Bieber’s alleged paternity may be the most interesting thing about him for a lot of people- and it’s not hard to see why. The devoutly Christian teen idol caught up in a kiss and tell case with a girl three years his elder? That way outshines Under The Mistletoe. But unfortunately, this feels like a ludicrous baby of the tabloid media who work under the firm conviction that some time, that bubble has to burst.

6. Mumford & Sons recently debuted their new song, Ghosts That We Knew on an American radio show. It’s a pretty dreamy, sophisticated tune. Second album status: Totally the right direction.

7. Taylor Swift’s someone who’s pretty much evaded me but she seems like a nice girl with a great voice. I have paid attention to quite a few of her covers (songs not album artwork) over her tour and her rendition of Justin’s (the non paternity case-burdened one) Cry Me A River was astounding. She turned the Timbaland tune into something ‘haunting,’ as Idolator puts it. Top marks.

8. Remember The Kaiser Chiefs? They predicted a riot a while ago. And turns out they were right! Yikes. Apart from releasing prophetic pop, they’ve made a new video with GaGa, Beyonce and Britney lookalikes. Fun:

9. In preparation for GaGa’s remix of Born This Way, Jonah’s favourite, The Weeknd have only gone and worked their magic on Marry The Night. If you haven’t been keeping track of GaGa’s second album (and it seems like fewer people have), Marry The Night is her latest single following You And I. The remix is here.

10. This isn’t exactly breaking news but it still fills my inner fanboy with giddy excitement. Starkid, the genius group behind A Very Potters, Me And My Dick and Little White Lie have announced A Very Potter Threequel is in the works. Apparently, they have an ‘amazing script,’ and are just waiting on the ridiculously successful Darren Criss’ pesky schedule to give it the go-ahead. I suppose that will be one  good side effect of Glee’s cancellation.

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