The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s Top Ten Best Songs!

2 Nov

So as you may have read, I was in New York last week, meaning I didn’t do any posting for the blog. Apologies, I’m sure you missed your dose of pop-vitamins. So now I’m up to date with all things American (snowstorms, Occupy Wallstreet and taxis) and ready for another week of high-brow musical analysis. It also means I wasn’t able to post my weekly Glist (here’s the first, and the second), but you can crawl out of your respective corners because there’s one heading at you right now. For my (slightly compressed) list of Glee’s top ten (we’ve come so far, you guys!) songs, read on!

Just a little disclaimer, I write this as a jetlagged, work-laiden student so excuse any grammatical errors/misspellings/general grumpiness. Latitude shifts are not my friends.

10. When I Get You Alone

I am a pretty big fan of Robin Thicke, so any recognition of him on Glee was always going to hit my soul sweet-spot. When I Get You Alone is a great song, bursting with sexual tension and Darren Criss sings the hell out of it (and an honourable mention for The Warblers, we hardly knew ye).

9. Halo/Walking On Sunshine

This mash-up doesn’t really need an introduction as it’s pure awesome. But if we’re being formal about it, Lea gets to show off her vocals as she fast-forwards through the best mash-up Glee has ever done. Or, yay sunny songs!:

8. Don’t You Want Me

This was from one of the better episodes of Season 2, Blame it on the Alcohol. Long story short: Rachel and Blaine get drunk, kiss, both question Blaine’s sexuality, discredit bisexuality and end up at the start. At least we got this hilarious Human League cover out of it:

7. The Boy Is Mine

Are Santana and Mercedes the new Brandy and Monica (who were the new Michael and Paul)? Perhaps, on the strength of this sophisticated cover. Their River Deep, Mountain High simply support their burgeoning career as a two-piece band (foreshadowing).

6. Unpretty/ I Feel Pretty

Okay, I confess. I was a bit disorganized with this Glist. This probably doesn’t deserve to be charting as high as sixth place. But it’s not about winning, it’s about the journey right? Something like that. Also, I know I just said that Halo/Walking On Sunshine was the best mash-up on Glee so that’s another point to disorganisation. But this didn’t really use I Feel Pretty that much, it’s driven by the TLC cover. Diana and Lea’s vocals are dreamy, and the video’s great:

5. Smile

This song is one of my favourite’s, and its placement at the end of a particularly heartwarming episode of Glee was pretty perfect. The funny thing about this song is that it always make you do exactly the opposite of what it tells you to. Namely, you weep. Well, I do. Perhaps you’re made of sturdier stuff than me:

4. You Can’t Stop The Beat

I had to include at least one song from the latest season, and this was the one that stood out. Rachel’s introduction gives me tingles every single time I listen to it. It was an apt ending to a strong start to Season 3. Bonus points for matching uniforms:

They’re Holding On: The Glee kids get supportive

3. Keep Holding On

This Avril Lavigne cover was used in Season 1 for the glee club to show their support for the pregnant Quinn. It was a pretty sweet message and created a really poignant final moment for the episode. I have a feeling they used this every episode in The Glee Project when they had to say goodbye to a contestant. Cut-throat, man.

2. Teenage Dream

As Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream is one of my favourite songs of the decade, this probably was a no-brainer. I don’t think Darren Criss’ version is quite as expressive as Perry’s but his vocals sure are smooth. It’s really no surprise that this is one of Glee’s highest charting songs of all time (OF ALL TIME) and even less surprising that it subsequently led to Darren Criss singing the Top 40 catalogue. Up next: Last Friday Night, another Teenage Dream alumnus!

1. Drum roll, please! (Hey Finn, you can do something on this list!) Although this is the top spot, it doesn’t necessarily reflect that this song is my absolute favourite of the show. In the words of, well everybody: Everybody’s a winner here. That’s the message of Glee, right? But I understand you want an actual song here so you can run into school shouting ‘Henry’s favourite song on Glee was The Thong Song you guys!’ I’m joking, that’s never going to happen. The Thong Song was fine, but the likelihood of anyone discussing this column outside my head is less than if Angela spontaneously asked Jordan to marry her. Anyway, I’ve decided to throw a curveball (my co-ordination is limited so it was never going to be straight) and plump for Dancing Queen which closed up Prom. I could have gone with a Rachel number, but I love Santana and Mercedes. Like, a lot. It’s also just so happy, and so reminiscent of high-school days that it proved to be completely undeniable. Also, who hasn’t danced goofily/drunkenly to Dancing Queen at least once in their life? I’ve racked up at least seventeen times. Here’s the video (I could only find poor quality Youtube stuff- just pretend it’s quaint):

I really hoped you liked this Glist, please, please argue with me and tell me why I left out any great songs (I can already think of three.) If you’re a fellow Gleek, don’t forget it starts in England on Thursday night and that my Gleecap will be up at 10 that night. I’m organised like that. See you then!

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