New York, New York!

24 Oct

New York: Apparently, where dreams are made of? I’ll report back!

So a funny thing happened this holiday. Jonah and Michael are already in America (see vaguely angry/jealous post). And, thanks to my sister (who also happens to be the most amazing, generous sister in the world) I too shall soon be in the United States (I’m in New York, they’re in Washington). That’s right. By the time you read this, I’ll probably be on a flight half way over the Atlantic ocean watching an Adam Sandler film on a flight. Anyway, just to let you know that our extensive holidaying (which will be a rarer occurrence in the future) means that next week will be post-free. All’s not totally lost, though! Here’s some of our recent highlights to keep you going while we’re gone battling the crocodiles in the New York sewer system:

Finally, I leave you with an after-thought from the Big Apple:
Predictable? Guilty. Soppy? Most definitely. Hey, I’m a golden retriever. And I know, deep down, you are too.

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