10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 3

22 Oct

Your Weekly Dose of Pop: Flo, Kelly x 2, Tulisa and the dreamy M83.

Last week’s 10 TILAP was rather X Factor-heavy. To which I say ‘No problem!’/’I’m sorry’ depending on your view of television shows that think The U.S vs. The U.K is an actual theme. Anyway, lots of other things happened in the world of popular music this week, hard as it is to imagine anything outside the world of SyCo entertainment. After the jump we have Florence + The Machine, The Roots and Mazzy Star.

1. Jazzy hip-hop group The Roots have answered their own question of Do You Want More?!!!??!  with a yes. Yes apparently we do. Although the band are currently the regular house-band on Jimmy Fallon, (we got Four Poofs and a Piano and the U.S get The Roots?! Maybe The X Factor was on to something) they have found time to record a new album, undun, which will be released this December. All you really have to know is that this is The Roots, and the album is about a tragic-heroic criminal. Be excited!

2. In other news of reunions, Mazzy Star are releasing an album this Halloween! These guys are probably best known for Fade Into You and a track I really love, called Blue Flower. Take a listen, and check out their Amazon page.

3. On a similar note, The Stone Roses are making a comeback. Tour dates are for next year, and Dave Simpson from The Guardian tells us why we should be excited. Tickets went on sale yesterday. Safe to say, if they pulled off a Take That level of anticipation, they will all be gone. There’s always eBay right?

4. On another similar note, Florence + The Machine has also picked Halloween as the release date for her latest album. Spooky! Here’s Flo performing three new singles from the record. I’m fond of Never Let Me Go:

5. Popdust has helpfully compiled a list of things that feature on Kelly Clarkson’s latest record. If you like them, snap Stronger up. If you don’t, well this column probably isn’t the best place for you.

For the next five things I love about pop, featuring M83 and a confession, continue reading. You know you want to.

6. I’m really, really excited for Hurry Up, I’m Dreaming, the double album from M83. Here’s an interview, that man is fascinating. The band’s discography is well worth checking out, especially Saturdays = Youth, and Hurry Up, I’m Dreaming was released on October 18th.

7. Okay, I lied. I am going to mention The X Factor. I’ve only just started watching the show, and mainly because of this. But I think I’ll tune in next week because the judging panel just seem really good. Well, two of them are anyway. Seeing Kelly and Tulisa back each other up is a nice shift to how Dannii and Cheryl were portrayed. So thank you two for not letting the press create another cliched story about women not being able to work together.

8. You guys, this cheered me up no end. The good people over at Vulture have compiled a super cut of Glee’s inspirational messages. It was most likely put together fairly cynically but I’m viewing as a purely uplifting clip. Such is my golden retriever-spirit.

9. Earlier this week, I called Rihanna’s new single ‘gym’ when I think I meant ‘cliche.’ Anyway, her video is out and that sure proved me wrong. I guarantee that it’s going to cause headlines, Rihanna’s the mistress of that, but I actually quite like it. It feels, dare I say, edgy. Here’s the video. Just a warning, it’s probably NSFW. Although as it’s Saturday morning, that shouldn’t matter. But if you are on a night shift, somewhere a few latitude shifts from me you might want to take caution. Although if you’re reading a column written by me about popular music while working, you should probably readjust your priorities.

10. Remember a few weeks back when I talked about Unplugged on Mikey’s weekly column? No, neither do I. But I searched the blog and apparently I did. Anyway, the awesome (and aforementioned) Kelly Clarkson is recording a session for VH1 next month. This really made my week. Can you wait until we hear You Love Me, Breakaway and (we can only hope) Since U Been Gone in the same place?


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