The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s 20 Best Song Cont. (15-10)

20 Oct

Glee’s Girls: Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, fuelling Tumblr users’ imaginations for years.

So here’s what you missed on the Glist (Glee + List, like d’uh). We had Nelly, Kelly and The All American Rejects. And a musical show-stopper for good measure. We’re rounding off the teens today and scraping the surface of the top 10. On a side note, I was researching the Glee cast’s discography for this post and the chart figures for this latest season are pretty dismal. The charting has been It’s Not Unusual at 65. The Glee cover on season 2? Teenage Dream at 8. On a sider note, these were both sung by Darren Criss. And the highest charting of season 1 was Don’t Stop Believing, reaching the heady peaks on number 4. Now this should be disappointing for Glee fans but let’s get everything in perspective. How many other television shows have sent 6 songs into the Hot 100 thus far this season? Not many. Glee isn’t as stratospherically popular as it once was but it still remains a successful show. The only difference is now it has a dedicated fan-base which can only ever be a good thing. Anyway, lists!

15. I Say A Little Prayer For You

This remains one of the most memorable performances for me on Glee. It’s our first look at the ‘unholy Trinity’ of Quinn, Brittany and Santana and it’s magnificent. The song choice is perfect (especially for Quinn, the pregnant head of celibacy club) and the choreography is darling. Is it much of a surprise that I’ve included the video of this performance? It really shouldn’t be.

14. You Keep Me Hangin’ On

Ah, Dianna Agron. I find you utterly bewitching and it’s a joy whenever you get a solo. This one’s from season 1, and was completely perfect. The Supremes are awesome, cheerleaders are awesome and choreographed routines are awesome. All round awesome. Here’s the audio, I tried to find the video but could only find scraps. It’s well worth looking for though:

13. Bills, Bills, Bills

There’s a reason why there have already been 2 tracks by The Warblers on this list and that’s because their song choices have just been better. It was like half-way through season 2, Glee was injected with new blood and fresh energy. In fact, it was difficult to pick just three of their songs for this list because their hit rate has been pretty high. My inner Destiny’s Child was set alight with this number though so it came in as my third favourite track. No guesses for which lands its way onto my topspot, then. Anyway, here’s Bills Bills Bills. Can you pay their automo-bills?! I thought not.

Here’s the video for Bills, Bills, Bills. Who says white boys can’t dance? No, we still really can’t. But jumping on sofas looks like fun!

The next songs on our Glist, as well as some photo-supported science after the jump!

12. Bust Your Windows

Oh Mercedes, can I marry your voice? Amber Riley’s voice does something to me. It’s completely compelling and awe-inspiring. When she sings, I listen. I want to get up and join her. Even if her character is irksome, her voice is inspirational. No where more so than on Bust Your Windows. Feel free to grab you hairbrush, close your door and draw your blinds. You’re going to need room to stomp.

The Lady GaGa episode: Mr Schu’s take on Poker Face was disappointingly traditional.

11. Poker Face

Our first Lady GaGa cover! (What took so long, and what would Kurt say?!) This one’s a beautiful duet between Rachel and her biological mother, Shelby. Some protested to hearing a mother and daughter sing about ‘bluffin’ with their muffins,’ which is understandable. What’s also understandable is that this cover is freakin’ awesome. Lady GaGa herself does a similarly acoustic version, which doesn’t discredit Glee’s version, but just giving credit where credit’s due, right?

That’s the next five in our installment. As ever, please chuck in your suggestions in the comment box. The more the merrier. 

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