Videogames: Your Music Video Round-Up

19 Oct

It’s a fast, fast world out there. And by world I’m talking about the music video industry (it’s my world okay? It’s a happy place.) They’re released at ever-dizzying speeds and sometimes it’s hard to keep on top. We’re treated/subjected to Twitter pictures, news updates and coy spoilers. Those pop-stars eh? Such teases. ‘You will get excited by this,’ they tweet. ‘You will comment on our Youtube video’ they retweet. Have no fear though, I’ve trawled the internet for all the latest videos that are worth checking out. Because really, sometimes I need to take a break from stalking celebrities on Tumblr.

Love On Top- Beyonce

My appreciation for Beyonce is well documented so I’ll keep this short and snappy. Queen B’s been on a bit of a tirade recently, releasing Countdown and Love On Top. Both videos are pretty awesome, but Love On Top is more recent and newer is better, right? Right. Here’s the video and Beyonce’s new boy-band:

Criminal- Britney

Oh, Brit. Sometimes, late at night when I’m feeling melancholy I watch your early videos that remind me of a time of yore. Things were simpler back then. I didn’t need to worry about your life decision, you were just there. A reliable rock of school-girl outfits and red leather jumpsuits. Now I have to brace myself for every new single and video, such is the detrimental impact of K Fed. Luckily, Criminal isn’t a total train-wreck. It’s easily her best video since… well, it’s better than her last video. Check it out, it won’t bite. I promise:

Up- James Morrison feat. Jessie J

So this happened. I suppose I should feel patriotic about two Brit school alumni taking on the pop music industry. Instead, I feel faintly bored. Both of their talents seem wasted here. Jessie J seems perfectly serviceable as a pop-star but hasn’t exactly flourished here or in America (where they were seemingly beaten over the head by her.) Okay, that was mean so I’ll move onto the star (?) of the show. James Morrison is as James Morrison-esque which is good or bad, depending on your view of James Morrison. I’ll spare you my opinion, so just watch the video:

With Ur Love- Cher Lloyd

Although my esteemed colleague, Jonah does not think Cher Lloyd’s single is up to much (mentions of ‘swag’ and obnoxious colours are the source of irritation), I think it’s pretty solid. Looking past Mike Posner’s slightly pervy rap (?), the hooky chorus and remarkably demure Cher Lloyd make me feel positively about the X Factor alumni’s debut album. I’ve realised that the rap is slightly less pervy because Cher is in fact, over 18. I still imagine her as the sweet 16 year-old telling me to turn my swag on, so Posner’s remark that Cher’s ‘middle’ is ‘so yummy’ seemed age-inappropriate/illegal. 

For more upcoming music videos, take a leap of faith! (or, you know, click continue reading.)


Mistletoe- Justin Bieber

Because Justin Bieber is The Bieber, he’s allowed to do stuff like release a 30 second trailer for his Christmas video in the middle of October. I’m not going to mess with him as he seems completely harmless and the kid receives enough abuse from my particular demographic. This abuse, by the way, is completely unwarranted. From what I can tell of his music (this 30 second clip, anyway) fans of Jamie Cullum/James Morrison/Jack Johnson should snap up any and all Bieber records.

The One That Got Away- Katy Perry

As far as previews go, all we have for KP’s sixth single is this photo. Although it’s worth noting that that photo makes me feel that the ensuing video is going to be unintentionally hilarious. The song is completely charming though, and feels much more akin to Teenage Dream than Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Which is good, because no-one parties in October. We just sit around, eating pumpkin in the leaves while pining over lost loves. Anyway, here’s KP performing the single on Sunday’s X Factor. Something to think about: what Radiohead record was KP making out to?! I worry it was Creep.

We Found Love- Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

I’ve been absolutely loving Calvin Harris’ recent music but was slightly disappointed by this single. It just felt a bit gym. Okay, there are two things wrong with that statement. ‘Gym’ is not an adjective. And as I go to the gym approximately 0.2 times a year, I am in no way qualified to deem something ‘gym.’ But it does feel less like a sophisticated Rihanna record, and more say, Freemasons. So there you go, my in-depth analysis. Rihanna’s latest single is too ‘gym.’ It will probably feature on her album cover. All we have of her video is a ‘making-of’ video which is a tiny bit silly as we don’t actually know the finished project. That’s like eating dessert before the main course. Man, I should really go to the gym.

That’s it folks! That amount of pop music videos should keep you updated for a while (a week.) Keep checking our Tumblr for when the later videos are released, I’m sure to do a write-up. Have a good Wednesday!

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