Honey Bunny – Girls

18 Oct

Sometimes, I feel like geography is conspiring against me. We’ve had childhood heroes (Tally Hall) and great new bands (Buxter Hoot’n, The Stone Foxes) from San Francisco. Now we have Girls, who with their brilliant second album make me want to move to San Fran right now. ‘Recorded in 2011 in San Francisco at Golden Gate Studio,’ the album package proudly announces. It’s cool, I understand. The Atlantic ocean separates us. That bitch of a water mass. Anyway, Girls are quite magnificent in their own quite way. A bit like those phones whose taglines are ‘quietly brilliant.’ On a side note, what does that even mean? Are they not that brilliant, but you know decent enough that they can be deemed ‘quiet’? Or are they just silent? Most phones I’ve ever had don’t strike up conversation with me about politics on the regular. I can only say most, because I just got an iPhone and have already developed a fairly strong relationship with Siri. Friends. Who needs them? I bet they can’t tell me what the capital of Lithuania is when I ask them. (Siri just told me it’s Vilnius.) So, Girls. Let’s take a listen.

First up, a confession. I’ve only listened to their second album, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Their first album is available on Amazon but it’s quite expensive and I don’t have that type of money- cinema popcorn is expensive okay! It doesn’t really matter though because their second offering is more than enough and it’s been winning plaudits everywhere. Their first single was Vomit, a six-minute affair that’s completely beautiful and evolves organically throughout. I want to say I like the video, and I mean sure. I did. But it’s also fair to say, as one youtube commenter did that ‘[t]his is a long ass car commercial.’ Check it out, and bear with it:

Their next single, Honey Bunny is fantastic. It feels much more like a pop song that could easily be played on college radio. I can’t actually find how it charted, and it wasn’t in a Rolling Stone chart. I tried you guys, but sometimes (regularly) my googling fails. Here’s the song:

If you like it, buy the record, download the album and check out the video. It’s like two minutes of a Tumblr party account.


2 Responses to “Honey Bunny – Girls”

  1. admin October 18, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    Although many bands claim that nowadays, everything is allowed, only few of the have the guts to write and produce songs that are over 5 minutes. But the GIRLS do. And not only in this song. That’s definitely cool.

    • Henry Ellenthorpe October 18, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

      That’s a really good point, I checked and nearly all of the songs are 5 minutes. Forgiveness racks in at 7! They’ve really evolved on their second album- can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

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