Jump in the Fire – Blonde Louis

17 Oct

I’m going to start my last post for 10 days with a pithy anecdote. Last week my sister and I were arguing over One Direction. Amazingly hot, great young singers or poser pop stars almost certainly doomed to fade from our lives (you guess which one of us thought which).

The point of this is that it got me thinking, One Direction’s fame is based solely upon their teenage charm but they have had a number one and have droves of followers, thus is this what all young artists should be playing off. Thankfully Blonde Louis never cease to put my mind at rest.

Thankfully not all teens are, or want to be like, One Direction (I know right?!). Straight out of Hitchin, which avid readers will know is Look See Proof’s hometown, the quartet are probably around the same age as 1D (as they are now branded) and just so much better. They’ve been around for a couple of years but today we have an early EXCLUSIVE. The band have developed a big following thanks to their cracking live performances and upbeat Britpop.

I’m going to go see them on the 28th supporting the Dykeenies at Borderline (with other members of the CYHT team) but for now they’ve got a music video. The song, entitled Jump in the Fire, is excellent. I love the guitar at the start and (I’m not well versed in musical technicalities so forgive the impending error) but the bridge between the chorus and verses. It encapsulates what’s best about the band and clearly marks them out as ones to watch – I’ll see you new fans on the 28th!

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