10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 2

15 Oct

Welcome to my second column of 10TILAP (here’s last week’s) where I’ll be counting down what’s great, good and pretty gruesome in the world of popular music this week. This week we have: whinging from Matt Cardle! New Radiohead music! And a celebration of my supreme stalking abilities. As my latin teacher once said, ‘you’re only as good as your search engine terms.’ Hope you enjoy!

1. I try not to overtly criticise people at Can You Hear This (which is also a fairly good mantra in life) but last year’s X Factor winner, Matt Cardle proved infuriating this week. I had no feelings towards Matt Cardle on the X Factor; he seems nice, his voice was better than Wagner’s. But recently he’s talked about his time on the show, complaining about how he ‘wore yellow trousers and sang Katy Perry’s Firework for fuck’s sake!’ Oh my god, fuck man! Other stuff Matt Cardle’s unhappy about: One Direction and Cher Lloyd being allowed to release their singles before him. Okay, Matt. Here’s the thing. You won The X Factor, you do not own the entire music industry; One Direction and Cher Lloyd are allowed to release records before you. Secondly, why did you even audition for The X Factor? You know it’s a show about finding a new pop-star right? You can’t have your one million pound record deal cake and eat it, too. Also, you’re right, RedOne didn’t write your single. Gary Barlow did. And you may have co-written every other song on your album, but so did Katy Perry (she actually co-wrote them all). What I’m trying to say is: before you start making statements like this, remember there are people like me, who find solace in Billboard chart updates, out here. For more hypocrisy, and to see the wonderfully authentic X Factor winner sport fake tattoos here’s the interview.

2. And t0 counter that outburst, here’s a picture of pregnant Beyonce. Man, that baby’s gunna be cooler than me as a toddler than I am at 18.

3. Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles did an interview with The A.V Club about all their music. Who know she was friends with Leonard Nimoy!?

4. Because I spend my Friday nights watching Katy Perry and Gaga’s Party Showdown instead of actually going to said parties, I noticed for the first time that Shannon Woodward is in the video for 2008’s Hot N Cold. Having a pop star best friend: super cool. Stalking Shannon and Katy’s friendship on Tumblr: super creepy. I got as far back as a photo of Shannon and then-boyfriend Andrew Garfield (now boyfriend to Emma Stone) going on a bowling date with Katy Perry before I received warning of a potential restraining order.

5. Ke$ha indulges her inner rapper. Ready your eardrums for her return to radio. First stop: Sleazy ft. Andrew 3000.

6. Do you remember when I predicted that Darren Criss would be covering Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night on Glee? Excuse me as I praise my inner Trelawney. In other news, Katy Perry covers: still ridiculously fun! The fact that both Darren Criss and Kevin McHale appeared in Katy Perry’s video for the original Last Friday Night? Meta, man. Meta.

7. The A.V Club have a review for Radiohead’s updated The King Of Limbs. Any Radiohead news is still exciting, right? Right. Anything that gets above a B on The A.V Club automatically makes it into my Amazon cart.

8. Wanna see a video of a man eat an onion while listening to Beyonce’s Single Ladies? You’re so welcome. Thanks internet!

9. Fancy listening to some indie music and feeling ridiculously uncool? Of course you do, you’re reading a column devoted to popular music:

10. She & Him. Christmas music. Perfection.

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