The Ultimate Glist: Glee’s 20 Best Songs

12 Oct

The astute among you, or those who have eyes, will have noticed that there is no Glee this week. If you want to catch up, here are the Gleecaps for the first three episodes. Quinn’s probably just busy dying her hair, they’ll be back November 1st. I’m assuming the plan is that by making us wait 2 weeks that we will overlook any future clown outfits for Blaine. Or maybe Finn will have mastered basic co-ordination. We can only hope. And make lists! For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be counting down my favourite 20 songs on Glee. As always, please comment and tell me why I’m hideously incorrect. Let’s (g)list!

20. Silly Love Songs

As far as adorable goes, this Glee cover nailed it. ‘Silly Love Songs’ was a great episode, and if Lea Michele’s Firework was underwhelming, Darren Criss’ Silly Love Songs more than made up for it. I’m a sucker for Valentine’s day and this will happily join my playlist come February. I’m soppy like that. It’s the golden retriever inside of me.

19. Ride Wit Me

This wasn’t released as a single as it wasn’t an actual song on the show but the Glee kids sung to it in a rehearsal way back in Season 1. It’s always great fun to see a more relaxed performance on Glee and this was ridiculously endearing. Rachel and Artie’s mime to ‘I like the way you brush your hair,’ was particularly adorkable. Glee’s also much better when the ending is less a rehearsed performance but something that feels more clumsy and organic. They’re a glee club not a professional dance troupe. Rehearsals are fun because we’re allowed to see them working and as actual teenagers, not fully formed, top 40 singing automatons. So what I’m saying is, spend less money Glee! We like sloppy.

18. Gives You Hell

Another more casual number, Rachel’s (rightfully) angry rendition of Gives You Hell is brilliant. It combines the best of The All American Rejects’ angst and the sharpest  of Rachel’s sass. I’m just waiting for Karofsky to sing Dirty Little Secret in Season 3.

17. You Can’t Stop The Beat

The first, but definitely not the last, song from a musical on our list. You Can’t Stop The Beat wowed us at the end of the Season 3 premiere. The performance was great but what really nailed it for me was Rachel’s introduction.  The slowed down start, Lea’s vocals and the euphoric ‘5,6,7,8!’ was pretty great. Tingles.

16. My Life Would Suck Without You

Kelly Clarkson is a formidable pop star whose songs have managed to appeal to the Top 40 kids and the cool kids alike. My Life Would Such Without You is another one of her wonderfully named songs and Glee rendition was brilliant. The only slightly bizarre thing about this is the dancing. Look, I know I just said that they’re not a professional dance troupe but this one really made no sense. It was Kelly Clarkson/cowboy/stripper. Did I just create a whole new genre? I expect it to be a theme on X Factor stat.

That’s it for this week, Glee-wise. Next Thursday, I’ll count down 15-10 and the Tuesday after I’ll run down the top 10. Just in time the return of all new Glee that Thursday. See you later, Gleeks.

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