Heartbeat – The Fray

12 Oct

The Fray are a band that I really love. I thought their first album, How To Save A Life, is just about as good as a debut can get. If that weren’t enough, their sophomore effort, The Fray, was just as good if not better. Personally I just cannot get enough of Isaac Slade’s voice, and I am a firm believer that he can write a melodic hook as good as anyone. Take a listen to The Fray’s latest single, Heartbeat:

This song proves my point. The Fray are masters of the melodic hook. While this song isn’t my favorite of theirs, they were always going to have to produce something absolutely incredible in order to top everything else. However, this is not a bad song. It has already begun to cause a relapse in my Fray Fever, and I cannot wait to see what the new album brings. And because I’m feeling generous today, why don’t you head on over and download it here.


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