10 Things I Love About Pop: Week 1

8 Oct

In the spirit of weekly traditions, I’m adding my own two cents to Can You Hear This with the weekly column, 10 Things I Love About Pop  (wordplay, making lazy journalism acceptable forever). Here at 10TILAP, I’ll be running down what I’ve been loving, listening to and finding out about popular music this week. I listen to pop and I like it. I hope The Libertines don’t mind it.

Just to start off, I’d like to say how saddened we were at the passing of Steve Jobs this week. He was a bold and extraordinary visionary who, amongst many other things, changed the way in which we listen to music. Every time we turn on an iPod or turn up our iTunes, it’s because of Steve Jobs. All the tributes have said it much better than I ever could.

1. Last year’s X Factor has been pretty prolific in its pop-star-outage but we still haven’t seen my favourite contestant, Rebecca (seriously, someone throw her a classy, love-song a la Leona quickly.) To satisfy us right now, we have Cher Lloyd. With Ur Love is her second outing but really feels like her first. Swagger Jagger was a parody at best, while With Ur Love is polished and a vast improvement. You might as well listen to it now, as a ‘play-it-so-many-time-that-you’ll-have-to-like-it’ airplay seems inevitable. It almost half-worked with Jessie J after all.

2. Feist’s new album is out! And it’s awesome. Go listen, let’s hope she moves on from ‘that girl from the iPod advert’ status.

3. Lists are awesome. Beyonce is double awesome. Lists about Beyonce are triple awesome. Billboard counts down Beyonce’s biggest hits!

4. Bruno Mars penned the latest single for Twilight’s soundtrack. Speaking of which, where are we on that franchise? Has it eclipsed/reborn/made enough money yet? I’m not judging the series as I’ve only seen the first one and I do like Kristen Not-Dunst (that Adventure Land was great.) The track’s fine, if not Mars’s greatest. I was always really partial to Muse’s addition to the series.

5. And speaking of Bruno Mars, here’s Kelly Clarkson’s new single. How are a talented, successful male pop-star and a talented, successful female pop-star related, you ask? By Kelly’s latest hook. Since she’s been gone, Kelly clearly thought Mars’ chorus was perfect Just The Way It Was and didn’t change it. No seriously, she didn’t. Here’s the video:

6. Well, I suppose a Lady Gaga biopic was an inevitability. Popdust investigates. My only question is whether we’ll see the Meat Dress in 3-D.

7. Rihanna’s new album has a name. Unfortunately, all I can think of is Talk Talk broadband. I doubt that was what they had in mind when brainstorming. However, Rihanna recently broke Billboard history by notching 20 top ten hits as a solo artist faster than anyone else. Take a bow.

8. VH1 compiled the ‘100 Greatest Songs of the ‘OOs.’ The number 1 spot is pretty unsurprising. I’m just trying to work out how Poker Face charted higher than Bad Romance. Actually, I’m just trying to figure out why Poker Face charted at all.

9. Glee did Fix You this week (which you should already know if you have read my Gleecap). NYmag has collected some Youtube videos of other performances. Fun! Our money’s on The Dualers.

10. Katy Perry is going for Billboard gold as she tries to steal another Number 1 from Teenage Dream. Pretty cover art, pretty song. Here’s hoping the Martins-Perry-Dr. Luke juggernaut can hit the top-spot. I’m a sucker for both Billboard History moments and Perry.

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