What We’re Listening To: Week 2

30 Sep

Hey guys, we’re back again to tell you what has been tickling our eardrums this week (odd analogy?). Here’s hoping there will be no sophmore slump for our second weekly feature!

Michael: Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me

I don’t want to say obsessed but I sort of am at the moment. I’m in love with Carey Mulligan and have not stopped listening to the soundtrack. So it’s been difficult to come up with another song but thank god for good movies. I watched The Butterfly Effect last night and was reminded of two things. One, Ashton Kutcher can act and Two, I really loved Jimmy Eat World. Hear You Me is heartfelt and packs a poignant punch.

Henry: Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favourite singers who just so happens to have created one of my favourite love songs ever. That’s a lot of favourite, but once you listen to her gentle voice and ridiculously endearing lyrics you’ll understand my favouritism. This is a love song rooted in reality, not just about young love but about love in its entirety. ‘I’d buy you Rogain,’ Michaelson sings ‘when you start losing all your hair.’ If that’s not love, I don’t what is. I implore you to check out her albums, especially Boys & Girls.

Jonah: Orson – No Tomorrow

It’s got a wonderful catchy chorus. Can’t stop dancing bruh. (This is what I am given to work with – seriously what does that second sentence even mean. Some effort would be nice you know. This rant is Jonah’s punishment).

Luke: Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

With tones of The Rolling Stones, Velociraptor is Kasabian’s long-awaited return to the stage – and it’s brilliant. Having heard previews of the new album at Isle of Wight, this tune empitomises an album host to some of the band’s most well crafted songs yet. Literally couldn’t play this track enough – if only the weeks had more god damn hours!


3 Responses to “What We’re Listening To: Week 2”

  1. Jamie October 3, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Who is Luke? is he on the blog?! 🙂


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