Stomp – The Stone Foxes

28 Sep

The Stone Foxes: Nice guys, saviours of rock and roll.

I’m lucky to have grown up in London but if there’s one place that really appeals to me to live, it’s San Francisco. Apart from a fondness for bridges, it’s the city’s amazing music that attracts me. One of my favourite bands when I was growing up, Tally Hall are locals. Buxter Hoot’n, a band that we’ve featured here at Can You Hear This are also native San Franciscans. The city seems like a breeding group for my future iPod memory. It also seems to be a metropolis of toleration and acceptance- all pluses! The latest band that cement my affection for San Francisco are The Stone Foxes. These guys exude cool, a combination of The Black Keys’ rock and a gritty, nonchalant attitude. The first single from their second album, Bears & Bulls (where they not only avoided a sophomore slump but shot their sound into the stratosphere) is a little fire-rocket.

Stomp romps its way through one and a half minutes of unadulterated enjoyment. I suggest setting your alarm clock to Stomp to put you in a bad-ass mood for the rest off the day, it will make all your Arnold Schwarzenegger dreams come true. The website claims that in the band, ‘there’s a genuineness … that’s rare and refreshing.’ Stomp isn’t so much a refreshment but a bucket of cold water that drenches you and washed away any worries. Band member Avi says that, “our music was written to play live.” Listen to Stomp and you can’t help but imagine how awesome it would sound on a hot day in the middle of a festival:

That’s also a pretty endearing video and after one minute I want to be their best friend. Some have suggested (YouTube commenters amongst them) that these guys are heralding the return of rock and roll, a new wave of The Rolling Stones. I’m not sure if that’s true, either way they just seem like they’re having lots of fun. They’re also spreading a great message, on Mr Hangman for example where they heartily take truck with the death penalty. It’s an important reminder that it’s not just pop music that can change lives at the moment.

Bears & Bulls: The Stone Foxes, in doodle form.

However, the overriding theme of The Stone Foxes’ music is the love that the band pours into it. The SF Weekly noted that ‘the gutbucket six-string riffs and soulful shout-singing on tracks like “Stomp,” “I Killed Robert Johnson,” and “Little Red Rooster” show this band of twentysomethings has been pounding the old-time gospel — Stones, Zeppelin, Aerosmith — since kindergarten.’ The love of music is clear throughout Bears & Bulls. It’s wonderfully authentic and heartfelt, an antidote to ‘a time of laptops and drum machines,’ (although it must be noted that I have no truck with this type of music, indeed I rather love it.) Nevertheless, The Stone Foxes do stand out for their clear genuineness. Listening to this record, you want these guys to hit it big time as it seems they’ve dedicated their lives to their music and your eyes. Bears & Bulls is a record to buy, listen to and keep forever.

Check out I Killed Robert Johnston, an equally satisfying track:

For more information about the band, check out their (extremely comprehensive) website.

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