Freedom Run – The Rifles

26 Sep

As I mentioned on Friday, one of England’s most prominent modern rock bands, The Rifles are back with their new album Freedom Run. Opinion has always been divided on the Cockney boys, some believing them to be a fresh take on the genre while others seeing them as just more landfill indie. To be honest, to nail them to either is really wrong. This won’t change your life but nor is it going to make you go crazy when you realise that you’ve heard the same thing all too many times.

The album artwork is a clear indication of a band trying to change themselves and mature their sound. This they don’t really achieve but not to worry because the music is still good. Openers, Dreamer and Long Walk Back are great. You may have heard the sound  tons of times before but its a nice one! Eveline is perhaps the freshest thing on the album. It has got a lovely tone to it and makes think of the happy bits in (500) Days of Summer.

So a good album but not a great one. You’re not going to write about it to your nan but you may write about it on your indie-mainstream blog. I’d also like to finish by saying that I do love the album artwork, it is most beautiful.


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