What We’re Listening To: Week 1

23 Sep

Hi guys, I am very pleased to tell you that today marks the start of a weekly new  post for CanYouHearThis. We’re going to be telling you what us authors have had on repeat for the week and why they’re worthy of your attention. Check out our first choices after the jump!

Clockwise from Left to Right: Beach House calms, Frank Ocean entices, The Rifles stir and Laura Marling sounds beautiful

Michael: The Rifles – Dreamer

The Rifles, the talented Britpop five-piece, have got a new album out now and opening song Dreamer is blowing my mind right now. It’s a new sound for the band and I challenge anyone not to feel motivated by its stirring chorus. Look out for a full review of Freedom Run on Monday.

Henry: Beach House – Take Care

I’m loving artists like Washed Out and Gotye at the moment and Beach House might just be my pick of the pack.  From their latest album 2010 Teen Dream, whose name is all too similar to one of the biggest pop records of the same year, comes Take Care; a tender, nostalgic track that lulls you into Beach House’s calm comfort. Consider me Chillwaved.

Jonah: Frank Ocean – Rocket Love

Frank Ocean is a wonderful hot prospect for R&B and Rocket Love brilliantly showcases the talent of the up and coming singer thanks to enticing melodic hooks that will reverberate around your head for days. We’ve seen Frank Ocean before and he just gets better with time.

Luke: Laura Marling – Sophia

I have taken too long to deliver my choice but I always go on about Laura Marling. Therefore my colleagues have ingeniously realised that this is almost certainly who I would have chosen. New album, A Creature I Don’t Know is on the way and by the sounds of Sophia, it will be beautiful.

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