Awake – The Dykeenies

6 Sep

I could not be more excited right now. I write this frantically, not because I’m busy but because I am shaking with delight so if Jonah makes this go up late… I won’t be best pleased! The Dykeenies are back! After well over a year of waiting there is light at the end of the tunnel. The new album is out in a month’s time – I am very, very happy.

And guess what – their return is all that I dreamt it would be. The band resurfaced about a month ago and have finally released the taster for their new album which the band says will “speak to you.” I’m crazy psyched and Awake, the first of the album, is so good that I honestly believe them. The vocals, the guitars and the electronic sound is back and sounds utterly magnificent.

The video is cool as well. Telling a Rocky story in the name of love – even if that means drinking eggs!

Not going to write too much at the risk of going over the top but the album is out October 3rd and will rock so buy it. They are also so touring and that will rock so see it! Check the tour dates above!


2 Responses to “Awake – The Dykeenies”


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