Blood Pressure – The Static Jacks

5 Sep

Sometimes I’m so glad that we have American music. And that’s not because I can’t get enough of Gaga, but because the diversity of it means that there will always be music that does it for me! Thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine, New Jersey rockers The Static Jacks are on the playlist. Last week their debut L.P If You’re Young was released. In short, it rocked but if you want it in long read this review from Pop Reckoning.

For this post I just want to focus on a couple of the songs. First off, Girl Parts. The song has a cracking chorus and the vocals and the rapid high energy of the rest of the band make it a proper indie rock song. It features added vocals from Ceci Gomez to give it a bit of extra bite.

At this point I just want to emphasize how much I love Ian Devaney vocals. They just sound terrifically English and remind me of the best of the genre that has all but been destroyed in the UK. The group are supporting The Wombats at the moment who are British but much (much) worse than Static Jacks. Nowhere are Devaney’s vocals more impressive than on the building anthem Blood Pressure. He sounds like Morrissey(!) and the punchy backing vocals are reminiscent of The Jam.

It would be foolish of me to suggest that The Static Jacks are at that level yet but they are remarkably close. The prospects for what comes next are very, very exciting.


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