Echoes – Washed Out

1 Sep

Washed Out’s cover for Within And Without: How could I resist?

As a general rule, I like to judge books by their covers. You’re not supposed to say that are you? Well, I do. In a strictly literal sense of course; I would never judge a person on account of their red-carpet face-mask. You might think I’m being sarcastic but a regular reader will know that I have a tendency to the eccentric, and a general supporter of expression. If Blitz-fashion makes a comeback this autumn, I’ll be raiding Ms Minaj’s wardrobe. When it comes to inanimate objects, superficiality reigns supreme. I’ll buy a magazine if it has a nice cover, a new flavoured juice based on a poster (Fool me once, Tropicana but that aftertaste lingers…) and an album if its artwork catches my eye in an HMV. So Washed Out’s first studio album proved irresistible to my easily marketable eye. I had also read a quick review in a GQ but as another general rule, I try not to abide too much to GQ’s musical opinion.

Anyway, thank goodness for my love of the aesthetically pleasing because Washed Out are a really good find. Washed Out is the stage name of ‘chillwave’ artist Ernest Greene . Quite what chillwave is, I’m unsure of. From listening to both albums, I’d conclude it’s the backing track to most of Dido’s songs on Safe Trip Home combined with the slowed down style of Beach House’s Teen Dream. Here’s Washed Out’s New Theory from Life of Leisure:

Pretty pretty, right? Within and Without isn’t going to be everyone’s taste, I’m not even sure if it’s to mine. But I like it. In a world of Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger, the whole album’s pleasingly refreshing. It provides a solid forty minutes of quiet-time that’s not boring-time, which is quite a feat. Here’s Echoes, which is every bit as dreamy as its title suggests. Chillwave, indeed.


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