Change – Mummy Short Arms

30 Aug

I think it was perhaps foolish of me to think that after the first three seconds of Mummy Short Arms’ single Change that this was going to be a regular song. Of course not, this is Mummy Short Arms. If you don’t remember, they’re the band that sound like they’re fresh out of the asylum with some crazy harmonicas and even more bizarre and vivacious vocals. We loved it then and we still love it now. I have to admit I was very skeptical about lacking more of this. In the same way that the first time you get pushed into a lake and its fun but when it keeps happening you just really want a hot shower and a towel.

But seriously these songs are really good. The guitar on Change is really exciting and this, of all of Mummy Short Arms’ songs, feels most like a song with big appeal to a lot of people. Kind of like Forward Russia, kind of like Mt Desolation, it really rocks.

Where’s The Mortuary? is the accompanying B-side and this is actually folk-rock. I know the vocals are still out of this world but this sounds like the sort of the thing I imagine the pirates in the hipster parts of town were listening to (I refuse to put in a pirate pun).

On the whole this is a hugely enjoyable surprise, imaginative, exciting and perhaps the start of a new genre – crazy-pirate-folk-rock (This probably isn’t catchy enough to catch on).


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