Money Is Not A Thing – Chase Holfelder

22 Aug

It’s so difficult to post during the summer! Seriously! Sorry about not giving you anything yesterday, but trust me this is tough. It’s about to get worse, because I’m going away on a tour of Italy for a week, and won’t be able to post at all, but lets focus on the good shall we? Chase Holfelder seems to have a cult following, and has unfortunately never been able to hit it really big, but take a listen to Money Is Not A Thing and see what you think:

It’s that kind of whining acoustic with a couple of harmonies, that creates a really raw sound. I quite like this song, although this genre is not quite one of my favorites. There seems to be something really genuine about this that makes it stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget though, for better or for worse, money is a thing.

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