Blood – The Middle East

8 Aug

Although the title of this post might seem like an ominous headline in a newspaper, I can promise you that today’s song is as beautiful as they come. The Middle East, a ten-person band originating from Queensland have stormed onto the radar after releasing their first full album I Want That You Are Always Happy in April of 2011. A friend had told me about them, but they had slipped my mind until I went to see Steve Carell’s new movie, and guess what song played during the film?

This song is gorgeous. The lead singer’s falsetto works beautifully with the backing track, which in case you hadn’t noticed, is full of whistles and wind chimes. These actually go really well with the song, and add to its overall tone. I also love the harmonies in the chorus, and the eventual crescendo. Really, there’s just so much in here. Their album is gold also, you should most definitely download it, and make sure to watch the music video below:

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