Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club

23 Jul

You won’t find Can You Hear This putting many posts up on the weekend but sometimes a song is just too good not to write about straight away. Bombay Bicycle Club have been around for half a decade now and they have their third album in as many years, A Different Kind of Fix, coming out in a month’s time.

The two that have preceded it have left me with very different impressions. I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose I loved but Flaws just didn’t excite me in the same way. If Shuffle is anything to go by though, this album could be one of the greatest re-imagining of a band’s sound ever.

The band’s lead single is literally the most infectious piece of music of the year. The toe-tapping piano and rhythmic drum beat coupled with the dreamy vocals make this song so delightfully irresistible. It just grips you and makes you feel so good. Bombay Bicycle Club have most definitely got it right with Shuffle and the equally delightful video below. UK be excited for the autumn tour, everyone else be excited for what could be one of the best albums of the year.


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