A Very Potter Post: The Musical Parodies Of Our Favourite Boy Wizard

16 Jul

Polyjuice Potion Gone Wrong: Our favourite trio, as imagined by A Very Potter Sequel.

It seems to be that part of the international film stage where things get a little bit magical and we’re whisked off once more to Hogwarts (or a camping trip) via GCI. But this time, the destination will feel a bit more poignant as it’s the last time that Warner Brothers will grant us access to Harry Potter in cinemas (at least in Daniel Radcliffe’s lifetime, anyway). Coming from someone who still listens to Harry Potter on audiobook (Stephen Fry is pretty much the apex of novel narration,) it will be sad to say goodbye to Emma Watson’s eyebrows, Daniel Radcliffe’s angsty expressions (turns out he really can Blame it on the Alcohol) and Rupert Grint’s cave-troll impressions. But as one door closes, J.K Rowling, giver of all things goods opens another one in the form of ‘immersive experience,’ Pottermore. Even if everyone’s still unsure of what exactly that may be, we still have one form of Potterdom in which to exalt. And that’s the Harry Potter-based music. What’s great about the Internet is that it really can bring magic to life (apologies for that Gilderoy Lockhard-worthy level of cringe) and fans of Harry Potter can broadcast (often to immense popularity) their love letters to the boy wizard. Hold on to your Firebolts, grab a Butterbeer and tune into the WWN as we take a trip through Harry’s finest musical moments.

First up is a sibling rock band, Harry and the Potters. These guys are awesome. There’s nothing other word to describe a band whose songs start with the line:

‘Are you petrified of being petrified?’

The pioneers of wizard rock, the brothers DeGeorge have created a wonderful group whose discography is a love letter to Rowling’s creation. I was a fan of these fanboys since Voldemort Can’t Stop Rock!, their album based on the fifth novel. This contains such gems as Luna Lovegood is OK and Cornelius Fudge is an Ass. My favourite song of theirs has to be Save Ginny Weasley. Take a listen and think how much the Chamber of Secrets film would have been if this had been featured on the soundtrack:

Harry and the Potters: Unashamedly uncool

And if you thought you couldn’t beat Harry and the Potters, prepare to have your mind obliviated. I’m not much of an actor but if there was ever a production that I would have loved to have been a part of, it would have been A Very Potter Musical, and its sequel, A Very Potter Sequel. A group of kids from university in America (among them, Glee’s Darren Criss) created two, 2 hour long Harry Potter musicals. The amazing thing about the two musicals is the amount of love and care that has gone into them. They were made by geeks, for geeks. Some of the songs are both hilarious as well as masterly crafted, the replay value of the two plays is great and I find myself quoting lines at least twice a day. The introduction song from the first play, Goin’ Back To Hogwarts (which is in the YouTube video below) is a joyous dedication to the magical school and lyrics like:

“Who knows how fast this year’s gunna go

Hand me a glass, let the Butterbeer flow”

would surely bring a smile to the most steadfast Death Eater. Seriously, that song is infectious, I play it every morning before school to get me into a scholastic mood. Throughout the two plays, there are countless memorable songs and moments that will embed themselves into your mind faster than you can say Quidditch. Both the characters and script are all perfectly pitched, with Draco Malfoy and Snape developing into two of the funniest creations that the Internet has to offer (the bad guys really do have all the fun, don’t they?) As far as Harry Potter parodies go, it’s the best. As far as works of comedy go, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Check out the beginning, and if you’re as charmed as I was, go to Starkid’s page on YouTube to find all the links:


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