Glen Close (feat. One Be Lo) – Binary Star

8 Jul

Haven’t had any of this in a while, and so here is one of my new favourite old school hip-hop songs. You have to love the story about how the members, One Be Lo and Senim Silla, met each other during their time at Hiawatha Correctional Facility and formed Binary Star. I also love the part where the two weren’t allowed to leave the state of Michigan, and so they embarked on a very extensive tour of only the one state. Take a listen to Glen Close:

These guys are just cool. It helps that the instrumental to this track is awesome; it sounds like very relaxed but upbeat music that you might hear in a hotel lobby. They also drop one of my favourite lyrics of all time near the beginning of the song: ‘Did a dirty duty with a cutie she’s a model.’ It just sounds so natural and adds to why I like this song so much. Also try and listen to the story that’s told throughout.

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